DXA Radioprotection Course 2023

Dear Colleagues,


We take great pleasure in inviting you to the DXA Radioprotection Course 2023, which will take place in Brussels on Saturday 18 November. This Course is co-organised by the Belgian Bone Club and the KBVR/SRBR Osteoporosis and Fracture Prevention Group.

As you will know, the regulation concerning radioprotection for bone densitometry has changed in 2016. In order to obtain the prolongation of the permission by the FANC/AFCN to perform bone densitometry with DXA devices a 1-hour course within 5 years is the minimal requirement. The regulations to obtain the initial permission to perform bone densitometry with DXA have not changed: An 8-hour radioprotection course, followed by an exam is required.

The BBC and the KBVR are pleased to offer a 2-hour refresher course and an 8-hour radioprotection course on Saturday 18 November. The 8-hour course will be concluded by an examination, which participants have to pass in order to obtain the FANC/AFCN permission to perform bone densitometry. The refresher course is covered by part 1.  The 8-hours full course is covered by following part 1 and part 2.

Apart from the specific FANC / AFCN requirements, the course will address technical and clinical aspects of DXA and vertebral fracture assessment.

We look forward to welcoming you to the DXA Radioprotection Course 2023!

With very best regards,


On behalf of the Belgian Bone Club and the KBVR / SRBR Osteoporosis and Fracture Prevention Group 


Prof. Dr. Stefan Goemaere and Dr. Hans-Georg Zmierczak